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Description: Plant habit : Medium tall & erect hybrid, cut leaves, short internodes Branches : 2 to 3 First harvest : 45 - 47 days after sowing Fruit length : 12 to 14 cm and diameter 1.5 to 1.8 cm with 5 ridges Fruit weight : 12 to 14 g Fruit colour : Dark green with good shelf life remain tender for a long period Disease tolerance : High tolerance to Okra leaf curl virus & YVMV

Key Features: Dark green with good shelf life remain tender for a long period

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Grow Condition: Okra crop can be grown on a wide range of soil types, although rich, sandy loam soils are best suitable. The soil where the crop is to be cultivated should be well-drained and not clogged with water. The crop is slightly sensitive to excess soil acidity and the optimum soil pH range for okra is 6.0 to 7.0. The optimum soil temperature for germination is 24 to 32oC. Plough the land 4 - 5 times to attain 10 to 20 cms depth into the soil. Chisel plough can be used to attain this depth. Apply FYM, neem cake, super phosphate and Furadon during the last ploughing. Level the soil with clod crusher. Levelling is followed by arranging drip irrigation system for the field. Let us now see how to arrange drip irrigation for the field.

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